Making Soap Without Using Lye


Lye is a popular ingredient found in many soaps. For those looking for a more natural approach there are ways to make soap without lye. These are herbal soap recipes without lye.
There are some ingredients that are needed when making herbal soap to replace the lye. Instead of using lye a person can use essential oils in the soap. These oils are free of chemicals and have many benefits. When making soap some kind of liquid is going to have to be used. This liquid can include water, coffee, teas, coconut milk, and herbs that have been infused in water or other liquids. Vegetable glycerin can also be used in soap. It is all natural and will make the soap smoother during use.
These are some ways to make soap without using lye. There are many natural substitutes that can be used to produce soap that are not harmful to the body and are all natural.